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As a property owner in Merced, you must have taken good care of your investment property with routine inspections and timely repairs. Now, it is time to check the rental one last time, and see if the tenants have played their part and used the unit responsibly. Conduct an out-and-out home check-up to examine the property condition right before the tenants move out. This gives you a clear idea of the condition of the property and whether you need to deduct any expenses from the tenant’s security deposit. 

Here are the top 3 things to check during move-out inspections.

1. Inspect the Walls and Carpets

During any tenancy, the walls and the carpet are used to most and hence go through a lot of changes. They are the most vulnerable to accidental damage caused by the tenants during their stay.

Wear and tear of walls and carpets may often lead to dusty walls, scuff marks, minor dents, and fading of color. However, if there are significant stains like those of spilled beverages, oil stains, or scribbles, it may be caused by tenants due to misuse or negligence. Assessing the condition of walls will help you determine if renters have caused any harm and claim the damage accordingly. It will also help you plan out the repairs and restoration.

Carpets usually last a long time and landlords invest a substantial amount into buying these. We need to ensure that they are in a good, usable condition during the move-out inspection. While slightly worn-out carpets can be normal, you should check if there are any holes, burns, or stains as they may indicate damage. 

2. Check The Appliances 

Appliances are the most expensive items that you have in your rental home. During the move-out inspection, you should examine if they are in good condition. Making a checklist for all the appliances such as the refrigerator, stove, dishwasher, disposal and any other appliances in the home.  

Avoid judging the operational condition based on how the appliances look. The tenants might just clean these and make them look new to avoid trouble. If they are non-functional or are structurally damaged when tenants move out, you can claim the cost of repairs. Compare the state of appliances with previous inspection reports to trace the source of damage more effectively. 

Other Things That You Should Inspect in Your Property

Some of the other important things that you must check during the move-out inspections are:

  • Tiles
  • Doors and Windows
  • HVAC Systems
  • Bathrooms and Toilets
  • Garbage Disposal Systems
  • Basement

House InspectionInspections can be time-consuming and even stressful. Hence, it can be beneficial to hire a property manager to conduct thorough inspections for your Merced rental. Consult a reputed company like River Drive Properties for professional property inspections. Our experienced property managers are committed to helping landlords consistently increase the rental value of their Merced homes and know precisely what to look for, in rental inspections. 

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