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The tenant move-in process can be overwhelming and exciting at the same time. As a landlord, you need to ensure that your Merced home is at its best so that you make a good first impression and your tenants feel welcome in their new home.  Here are some tips that can ease your task and help you make your Merced tenant move-ins a breeze.

1. Get The Repair and Renovations Done Well In Advance

Get all repairs and renovations done before move-in day to prevent last-minute hassles and the resulting inconvenience to renters as they move in. Inspect the house thoroughly and repair the damages such as holes or cracks in the walls, broken locks, clogged drainage, leakages in the pipes, and damage to the roof.

Check home appliances for any flaws and get those repaired. If there is broken furniture or torn carpets, consider replacing them with new ones. You can also make basic renovations to your rental unit, such as adding a new coat of paint, adding new curtains, or doing minor structural repairs.  

Consider renovating the kitchen to make it more renter-friendly by installing new cabinets and appliances. Replace the broken toilet seats, faucets, and hardware such as knobs and pulls. Getting everything fixed well in advance will keep both you and tenants at ease on the day of moving in.

2. Clean and Disinfect the Property Before Move-In Day

Welcoming your tenants is not about just handing over the keys. It’s about making them feel comfortable and pleasant. You should visit the property before tenants arrive and make sure you have cleaned and disinfected the house properly. Check for dirt around the living room, kitchen, and bathroom, clean all the rooms, and make sure the floor is stain-free. 

Don’t skip cleaning the basement and also make sure that there is no litter or overgrown bushes in the yard. Your renters will appreciate a neat and clean property and will stay motivated to keep it so during their stay.

3. Explain the Lease Agreement to the Tenants

Lease AgreementTenants may need some help understanding the terms of the lease agreement. Ensure that you explain it in detail, on the day of move-in, to avoid misinterpretations and future conflicts between you and your renters. 

Discuss the terms, and encourage them to reach out to you if they face any problems comprehending the lease. You should emphasize the important clauses, especially those related to rent, violation of the lease, tenants’ responsibilities, damage liabilities, and security deposit. Helping them understand the agreement will set the ground for a smooth rental experience for both parties. 

Handling a move-in process by yourself can be stressful. Hire a trusted property management company like River Drive Properties that can help you in managing your rental property. Our experienced property managers have handled move-ins for thousands of tenants for our clients and we can help you in making your Merced tenants’ new beginnings a breeze. 

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