What You Should be Getting for the Fees You Pay to a Merced Property Management Company

Smart investors know that working with a professional Merced property management company makes sense financially. You’ll pay a management fee, but you’ll also receive a lot of value, a ton of resources, and years of expertise in exchange for that management fee.

When you’re looking for a property manager, you’ll likely compare costs. But, it’s important to compare services as well. A dramatically low management fee may seem attractive, but if it means you’re not getting anything more than someone who collects rent, the cost will far outweigh the benefits.

Today, we’re discussing some of the expectations you should have when you pay a company to professionally manage your investment property.

Responsive and Proactive Communication

Transparent, open, and proactive communication is critical to the effective management of your property. Your management company should be responsive to you and your residents. This means answering calls, returning messages, and providing a lot of information in your online portal.

We are always surprised to hear about property managers not answering their phones or providing misleading information to their owners. This is unacceptable. It’s impossible to have a trusting and respectful relationship if there’s a lack of communication.

Well-Qualified Tenants and Short Vacancies

Your management or leasing fee should also guarantee that you’re not waiting months for your property to be occupied. Long vacancies are expensive, and the sooner you get a well-qualified tenant in place, the sooner you can start earning a consistent rental income. Your fee should include advertising, marketing, showings, tenant screenings, move-in inspections, lease negotiations, and the collection of security deposits and other move-in funds.

Make sure you’re getting what you’re paying for when it comes to leasing. You need an accurate and competitive rental price that’s designed to maximize what you earn. You need a large pool of prospective tenants and a qualified, well-screened renter who will pay rent on time and take good care of your investment property.

Merced Rental Property Maintenance

Merced Rental Property MaintenanceYour management fee should include routine, preventative, and emergency maintenance. A good property manager will conduct a thorough inspection before tenants move into the home in order to document its condition. There should be opportunities to drive by the property and when necessary, maintenance walk-throughs to check for any unreported or deferred issues.

You should expect at least one inspection annually, and you should also expect that your management team will respond to maintenance requests from the tenant, even if they’re minor. One of the reasons you hire a Merced property manager is to ensure your investment is well-maintained and its condition is protected. A leak that gets ignored can lead to an expensive plumbing problem. A lease that isn’t enforced can lead to property damage and evictions. Make sure your property manager is inspecting and maintaining your asset.

Your management fee should also include the cost of technology, accounting reports, tenant communications, and staying up to date on all the state, local, and federal laws that affect your investment property.

Look for transparent Merced property management so you know exactly what you’re getting in exchange for your management fee. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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