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Empty properties are liabilities, and they turn into assets only after you start receiving monthly income from them. To escape the financial distress caused by vacant rental homes, it is important to ensure that your property is rented as soon as possible. 

Here are three tips that will help you rent your Merced home faster.

1. Improve Your Marketing and Advertising Tactics

Effective marketing is the key to bringing your Merced rental into the spotlight. Focus on advertising platforms that are reliable for rental property searches. Find the best websites, like Zillow, Trulia, and Realtor to list your house.

 Share your posts in popular local groups and on pages that are run by the people in your locality on Instagram and Facebook. Also, spread the word across the neighborhood by communicating with fellow landlords and property managers. They might be able to give you some leads. 

Display posters in public places like malls, grocery stores, coffee houses, or community halls to get your home more exposure. The information mentioned on these should be to the point, as advertising is more about the appeal than the words. Plus, hire a professional photographer to click HD pictures and high-quality videos of your house.

2. Add Amenities and Upgrades to your Merced Rental

Merced rentals that are more than just livable tend to get rented faster. Add to the base value with refurbishments and additional perks. Some basic enhancements like a fresh coat of paint, new blinds, new knobs, faucets, a mowed and landscaped yard, or a decorated porch can impress potential renters and help the property get rented faster.

In addition, you can offer bonuses like free Wi-Fi for some duration, or a new appliance. Be creative with the upgrades and renovations. However, don’t over-customize the house. Over-personalized designs can feel like you are imposing your choices on the tenants.

3. Keep a Watertight Lease Agreement Ready 

The lease agreement plays a vital role in renting out the property. Preparing the lease early on gives you time to ensure that all the important details are listed comprehensively. If you begin preparing a lease after the property gets rents, you might have to rush and end up making errors or leaving loopholes in the lease, rendering it ineffective.

Some of the aspects that must be included in the agreement are the amount of rent, the due date, the terms related to the security deposit, the tenant information, renewal criteria, and the necessary disclosures.

Other Tips To Rent Your Merced Home Faster

Offer DiscountsSome other things that will be beneficial in renting your Merced house fast are offering discounts to the existing tenants for lease renewals, understanding the market to set the right rent price, and fast-tracking the tenant screening process. 

Implementing these tips can help you speed up the process of renting your Merced property. However, instead of struggling with this on your own, you can hire a property manager who can understand your rental needs and do all the heavy lifting for you. 

Discuss your rental needs with a trusted property management company like River Drive Properties, which has been in the Merced real estate industry for over two decades. At River Drive Properties, we work with you to find the right tenants for your Merced home and get it rented faster. For more information on how we help you find tenants faster, connect with us!