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Renting your property comes with more duties and responsibilities than simply collecting rent. You are required to be professional with your tenants and respond to their problems effectively. If you expect your renters to handle your property well, you must strive to build a healthy landlord-tenant bond.

Here are a few tips for building a great relationship with your tenants.

  • Ensure Strict Lease Enforcement

Strict and clear lease enforcement helps set boundaries and expectations without leaving room for disputes throughout the tenancy. A comprehensive lease is required for solid enforcement. It should state the rights and obligations for renters and landlords.

Consider adding landlord-tenant laws that apply particularly in your area, clauses regarding the security deposit such as the amount, the repair and maintenance costs that can be deducted, and deduction in case of non-payment of rent, pet policies, the grounds of eviction, and the landlord’s right to enter the property, among other things.

It can be a good idea to explain your expectations and demands from tenants so that they would know how to deal with your Merced rental property. This also lays the groundwork for strict lease enforcement during the tenancy.

  • Communicate Regularly With Your Tenants

Transparent communication is the key to a successful relationship. Many a time, landlords take too long to respond to tenant requests, which can cause misunderstandings and distrust in the minds of renters. You must keep the lines of communication open. Provide them with your contact number, email address, and emergency contact details, so they can reach you in case of an emergency.

It is advisable to mention the standard mode of communicating with you in the lease. This will help in streamlining communication, allowing you to assist their queries and requests effectively. Treating them with respect and dignity will help you to establish good relations with your renters.

  • Respect The Privacy of Tenants

As a landlord, even though you own the property, you need to be aware of the fact that you have leased it to someone else. Hence, you need to keep your distance so that you do not end up invading their personal space. Send a notice 24 hours in advance, before entering the premises. With the right to entry, you can legally enter a unit for routine inspections, repair, maintenance in an emergency, showing the unit to interested tenants, and during an extended absence.

Avoid being over-friendly and maintain a strictly professional relation with your tenants.

  • Respond To Their Concerns at the Earliest

As a landlord, you should be highly responsive, especially where your tenants are concerned. They may need your help with problems such as maintenance and repair issues, safety hazards, and in case of emergencies. Be an open-minded listener, try to understand their problems, and make sure that you resolve them at the earliest. Avoid inconveniencing your tenants as it can sour the landlord-tenant relationship very quickly.

  • Carry Out Proactive Maintenance

It is necessary to undertake proactive maintenance to prevent defects that lead to future failures or significant damages. Not only does conducting proactive maintenance eliminate your property repair concerns, but it is also a good way to show renters that you care about their safety and comfort, thus strengthening your bond with your tenant.

Consider replacing non-functioning or faulty appliances, repair leakages and damages, and hire licensed contractors for repairs to show that you are serious about property maintenance.

A good landlord-tenant relationship requires healthy communication, equal distribution of responsibilities, mutual understanding, and conformity to rules and laws.

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